Stuart Lishan
Associate Professor of English
The Ohio State University, Marion Campus

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Courses for which instructional web sites exist (still under construction)

English 260 (Introduction to Poetry)


English 560,Spring '07 (Special Topics in Poetry/ Extraordinary Music, Lyrically Speaking [and Singing]: The Poetry of Popular Song and the Musicality of Contemporary American Poetry.

English 266, Spring '07 (Poetry Writing I)

English 398 (Critical Writing)

English H591.01(Studies in Creative Writing)/English 566 (Poetry Writing II)

English 575, Spring '05 (Liteary Forms and Themes: The Fantastic in Literature)

English H591.01/692/ Edu T&L 694.56
The Pedagogy of Creative Writing/ 
Creataive Writing for Educators (Team Taught in Aut. '04 with Dr. Mary Jo Fresch)

English 201 (Selected Works of British
Literature: Medieval through 1800)

English 202 (Selected works of British
Literature: 1800-Present)

English 560 (Studies in English and American Poetry -- The Epic Tradition)

Other Courses Taught:

English 110LC (Honors First Year 
          Composition -- literature emphasis)

English 265 (Writing of Fiction I)

English 268 (Writing of Creative Nonfiction I)

English 565 (Writing of Fiction II)

English 566 (Writing of Poetry II)

English 568 (Writing of Creative Nonfiction II)


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