OSU Marion Professional Writing Minor at Marion

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A large assortment of companies can benefit by retaining the abilities of a professional writer. Whether it is a psychologist writing a case study, a law firm editing legal documents, or a musical venue seeking someone to create flyers and posters on a regular basis; a professional writer can easily fill a variety of organizations needs.

Professional writers are a valuable addition to the workplace for the varied skills they possess, which include the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, artistic creativity coupled with technological proficiency, and the ability to examine problems critically to find a solution.

What is the Professional Writing Minor

Think of the Professional Writing Minor as an apprenticeship in the world of professional writing -- an opportunity to grow as an individual while developing work experience, and a creating a portfolio of professional projects that help bolster your resume or curriculum vitae.

Professional Writing Minors must be able to meet the demands of an internship, demonstrate initiative towards conquering unique challenges, meet stringent deadlines, and be a team player capable of working in a group.

Definition of Professional Writing

Professional Writing helps you focus on the audience. A successful professional writer is able to communicate effectively in a variety of situations by creating authoritative arguments.

Any professional field will require some form of writing; therefore, a background in professional writing will never be wasted. Instances where professional writing will be used include grant proposals, advertising, client correspondence, journal articles, experimental procedures, memos, policy making, and lesson plans.

Benefits of Professional Writing